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Why Widur

15% of the sexual issues are due to troubled marriages

In 2015, 448 suicides were attempted due to sexual dysfunction

According to WHO, 1 out 8 people suffer from mental disorder

As per Indian Justice Report, only 15% eligible Indians received legal aid services in the last 14 years

WHO estimates the economic loss to India on the account of mental health to be $1.03 trillion.

The National Mental Health Survey 2015-16 found that nearly 80% of those suffering from mental disorders did not recieve treatment for over a year.

How it works?

EASY TORegister.

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Some frequently asked questions.

Widur was a man of principles, a greatest known advisor who played a crucial role in the entire Mahabharata. He stood up against wrongs, advised accordingly, protected Pandavas from Lakshagraha’s fire, and even stood up for the honour and respect for Draupadi in the sabha.

We onboard qualified and licensed people in their respective domains.

Yes, Widur doesn’t ask for any personal details to initiate your call with any advisor. It’s your choice to let the advisor know about specific details during the call.

No, the calls are masked with a unique number which maintains anonymity. Neither the caller nor the advisor knows about the contact number of the counterparty.

It’s very simple. You may select the category of advisors viz. Sexual Wellness, Mental Wellness and Legal advise. Thereafter, you may search from the filter bar about the issue to be discussed or get advice on. After selecting the right expert, click on the ‘call’ button. If a counsellor/advisor is available at that moment you will receive a call within 2 minutes from a unique number. Continue your discussion and get maximum out of it.

If the advisor is busy, you may wait till he/she becomes available(represented by a green dot on his profile card), else you may choose to contact another available advisor. Do note that no amount is deducted from your account until an actual call with the advisor starts.

You can visit their profile and view the timings when the advisor has promised to be available on Widur and contact them then.

You can click on help and call the Widur helpline. We will get you in touch with a proficient advisor.

Visit the help section and call our helpline or write an email at with a brief description for your query.

Well, don't panic, simply recharge, call the advisor again and continue your conversation. Note : Before each call, we show you the available balance and the number of minutes you will be able to speak with the selected advisor.